Monday, August 25, 2014

License to Wed

I stayed home sick from the j-o-b today and all I really wanted to do was relax in bed, watch trashy reality tv and take naps. But, time is money these days, so I knew I had to at least get a couple of things checked off the 'ole to-do list.

Since Kyrin had already planned to take some time off work to meet me at the courthouse to get our marriage license, I knew that was something I couldn't avoid doing today. At least it got me out of bed and into the real world for a bit.  The actual process was pretty anti climactic. We got there, went through security (where the plates in Kyrin's arm actually DID make the metal detectors go off) and headed up to the 3rd floor of the good old Judicial Center. It's always weird to walk through those halls. I have never been arrested and my last speeding ticket was almost fifteen years ago. But, there's something about walking through that place that makes me feel like I am in trouble.  Anyway, anxieties aside, we got to the small office and waited for a few short minutes while two other couples got their licenses. Then, it was finally our turn.

I don't know why I thought it would be more dramatic.  A part of me thought, "Oh they are going to be so excited for us and we are going to have to sign so much paperwork and blah blah blah." But the truth is, the lady probably couldn't have cared less (although she did give us a quick congrats on our way out) and we only had to sign one piece of paper and raise our hands promising we were who we said we were.  Regardless, I have to say I was happy with the speediness of the whole thing and it definitely feels good to cross off that (very necessary) item from the checklist.

48 days and counting, y'all.

I. Can't. Wait. :)